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Slum life survival (SLS) is a NGO which was started after close looking the need to help transform people living in slum areas (social-economic transformation) and we target Youth, Children, Girl child, people with disability and Elderly. In Slum, heavy populated urban areas are characterized by substandard houses and squalor and this is as a result of constant migration of rural population to cities in searching for jobs which cause unbearable strain on urban housing and basic services and the high costs of properties in the cities (poverty) forces people to stay in poor life style. Slum life survival has direct presence of its Interventions in 2 Districts in Uganda where we run only 1 youth friendly drop-in Centre so far located (Kawanda) offering different services to slum youth.

Our Programs

Helping hundreds of people living within the slums of Kampala

Volunteer With US

Volunteering with the Slum Life Survival (SLS) means helping hundreds of people living within the slums of Kampala. When you volunteer with us, you have the opportunity to make a difference every day, contributing your expertise and experience to add value to the organization in different functional areas. SLS offers the opportunity for volunteers to work in the areas they know best while helping the organization achieve its goal of improving the livelihood of the people in living in the slums. Through our different programmes Single Mothers and Widows, Youth Empowerment, WASH Awareness Campaigns, Girl Child Support, Elderly and PWD’s Support programmes. We make donations; carry out Health Camps that provide HIV Testing and other testings, Career Guidance and Counseling, and volunteers on the children girl child.



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Slum ife Survival works with companies, governments, nonprofits and other organizations