Mobilising Slum communities for WASH Campaigns

Slums are some of the most populated areas within the city. The numbers of the people living in slum areas increases day by day of which access to proper sanitation facilities is becoming a bigger challenge.


Safe water and sanitation are essential to health and welfare; people living in slum communities have no access to improved sanitation.

In urban areas, the lack of adequate sanitation disproportionately affects poor residents in informal settlements. Doing community work, mobilizing improved water supply and sanitation could provide a wide range of benefits, including longer life spans, reduced disease prevalence, and lower health costs.

Open disposal of faces is everywhere due to lack of sanitation facilities this has led to poor sanitation in slums, most households may not have cash on hand to cover to cover costs per each individual because you may find a case where a family with 8 members and each has to pay to access toilets, so this brings bigger challenge of WASH in informal settlements.

We as Slum life survival (SLS) have taken a led with the community leaders in some of these slums in informal settlements of Kampala city to have continued mobilizing and sensitizing of WASH challenges the residents to ensure they have proper sanitation and access to WASH services.


Kavulu keneth


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