The Journey of uplifting single mothers and widows in urban slums

Life of a single mother and widows living urban slum areas is full of challenges where by the chances are limited raising their children in a normal life, they live in abject poverty no business empowerments which can help them to sustain their lives for a better future,

Slum life survival (SLS) we have mobilized several slum communities within Kampala to support the single mothers and widows in different activities like Economic Empowerment, Healthy facilities, urban farming, Entrepreneurship skills, sports and aerobics MDD such that they can gather together and discuss their issues, concealing and guidance, addressing new systems in creation of income generating activities that are sustainable in their lives as well introducing to them  SAVING CULTURE  where one can easily get support before turning around  in case of an incident and also giving enough support to their children.

Due to their big numbers as (SLS) we have managed to divide them in different groups according to their business activities.

Single mothers in different slum locations have managed to open up SAVING BANK ACCOUNTS where they save their own money for their own benefits or challenges they face on their life basis as we Slum life survival (SLS) continue  looking for funds in every Corner in this world for slum dweller’s sustainable life. 



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