Give a hand to improve some’s life in the slums

Give a hand to improve some’s life in the slums

Always We deal with all the members of slum areas and our priority is to improve the living condition of the slum dwellers through provision of supporting, them with Healthy camps, love and caring, Donations, instructing Entrepreneurship skills most especially Youth and single mothers, doing community work etc. all 57 slums around Kampala  area lack basic infrastructure. Most people here live below the poverty line. Poverty, illiteracy, underdevelopment, ignorance and conservatism, cause majority of children in slums to be deprived of their basic right to education.

There are a lot of challenges faced by  people who have been hit by poverty, hunger, drug addiction no access to clean and safe waters, poor sanitation facilities and diseases etc. We want to give slums dwellers a chance and the young generations boys and girls a brighter future.

We bring together  all people in slums for support and as  We empower them mostly youth and women in various projects so they are able to support themselves to a better life in their children.

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