Life of an entrepreneur

In my journey of life, things wan’t easy for me because i was born in a very poor family of which we couldn’t go to school, i am the first born in my family, my mother left us when i was 5 years old, she left us with our grand mother deep in the village the only way we had to survival is to practice farming, i left village when i was 12 years coming to Kampala city to work as a house maid, i managed to save money to start up my own business as well looking after my family, by God’s grace i joined a friend who had a restaurant and i got some skills about how to run a business after looking at her experience and from there i started my small business of sealing soft drinks,

every day i was making loss because balancing books wasn’t easy for me and i didn’t have and entrepreneurship skills, but through Entrepreneurship training i go from SLS under its program of youth entrepreneurship forum Uganda (YEFU)  I can now manage my business not like before and for now the future is bright my dream is  to buy a land where i construct my small house and to have a big retail shop.

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