About Us




Slum life survival (SLS) is a NGO which was started after close looking the need to help transform people living in slum areas (social-economic transformation) and we target Youth, Children, Girl child, people with disability and Elderly.
In Slum, heavy populated urban areas are characterized by substandard houses and squalor and this is as a result of constant migration of rural population to cities in searching for jobs which cause unbearable strain on urban housing and basic services and the high costs of properties in the cities (poverty) forces people to stay in poor life style.
Also other factors like political manipulation, regional development imbalances, tenure insecurity, absence of land banks, increasing population rates. Uganda is amongst the highest ranked birth fertility nations where by a single mother can produce more than five kids on average, a statistic which indicates rapid population growth and 75% of these population, live in urban localities which makes it more lively to fight for survival in terms of land/shelter and other utilities. Promoting sustainability community live hoods, more focus on Wash formal and informal education, youth entrepreneurship projects, awareness campaigns on proper management and health units and managerial motivations under WASH platform.
Slum life survival has direct presence of its Interventions in 2 Districts in Uganda where we run only 1 youth friendly drop-in Centre so far located (Kawanda) offering different services to slum youth.


It is clear that most of us can describe what a slum is, but in belief, it can either be loud noise or too much concentration of important human needs in one area mainly shelter/houses accordingly. In most cases these areas are affected with diseases, poor drainage system, poverty, domestic violence, lack of proper toilet system, high birth rates, lack of toilets, high criminal rates and risks, lack of proper economic planning strategies to help up lift the living conditions there, high rates of HIV/AIDS infections arising as a results of girls engaging themselves in prostitution acts/ sexual risk. Thus slum life survival Uganda is here to try to uplift people living in slum areas, socially and economically through charity platform opening up a voice for rescue. According to Ministry of lands, housing and urban development, estimates that 64% of the total city residents live in slum areas. This is a big percentage having notes the impacts of these slums.

So if were to help, all groups like NGOs, and government agencies or international organizations must work together for better live hoods.  However these people can also be supported in starting up small businesses as young entrepreneurs if provide knowledge/workshops on how do so and also to be sensitized on WASH or help them start up small saving groups in order to sustain themselves. Extending service of family planning, proper children nutrition, support seminars and other trainings on human behavior, in info format to ease development