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BBA full form

The full form of BBA is Bachelor of Business Administration.

Let us tell you that the BBA course has also been given different names by some institutes, let us tell you that BBA is also known as BMS and BBS.

What is BBA?

What is the full form of BBA, BBA is an undergraduate degree like other courses which you can understand like other graduate degrees, to do BBA you have to pass 12th class, only then you can do BBA course BBA is a course to teach you business and managerial skills.

In this course, you are taught communication skills and entrepreneurs skills, after doing this course you can apply in any government or private job, and make your career.

Although this course is mostly done by business people going forward, this course is designed only to inculcate the qualities of business in any person.

Friends, for those people who want to do BBA, let me tell you that the BBA course teaches you those qualities, and teaches that technique which is inside a businessman, if you do BBA then you will be able to do your business further. Could help a lot.

Many people do MBA after doing BBA. MBA is its master degree which can be done after graduation.

Although let us tell you that it can be done after graduating from MBA, it is not necessary that you do BBA, but if you do MBA after doing BBA, then you will get a very good result.

Because business is taught in MBA and you are also taught BBA, so if you do BBA then you will already have all the knowledge of business in advance, you will not have to work too hard.

MBA course is a course to do business, which if you do, is going to prove to be very beneficial for you.

How to do BBA?

You can do the BBA course, below we have provided you with all the information related to BBA and understand it well, if you want to do BBA in such a way, please read them carefully.

Qualification for BBA

To do BBA, it is mandatory for you to pass class 12 from any board of the school, after that you must have at least 45% northern marks, only after that you can do b.a. in any university. When you pass that exam then you are taken admission in

How much is the fee for doing BBA

My dear friends, now it comes that you must have understood all the information given above about its BBA, but now if you want to do this course, then you will have a question in your mind that how much will it cost, then here We would like to tell you that according to different universities, they have different fees for BBA course.

By the way, in general, this course can be done in a private college from a minimum of ₹ 60000 to a maximum of ₹ 40000, whereas if you do it from a government college then your fees can be very less.

Subject in BBA

Dear friends, you must be thinking that I gave you so much information about BBA, but I have not told you yet what are the subjects in BBA, and how many semesters are there, so we are going to tell you all this information. Huh.

You understand that there are 6 semesters in BBA, there are many different subjects in these 6 semesters, the student has to study all the subjects and also have to pass in them, only then do they get the degree of BBA. Here are the semesters you can read carefully

bba full form
bba full form
bba full form
bba full form


bba full form
bba full form
bba full form
bba full form
bba full form
bba full form
bba full form
bba full form
Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4 Semester 5 Semester 6
Business English – I Business English – II Introduction to Indian Business Environment Taxation Introduction to Operations Management Fundamental of International Business
Business Mathematics – I Principles of Macro Economics Introduction to Business Statistics Introduction to Operations Research Business Law Entrepreneurship
Principles of Micro Economics Business Mathematics – II Government & Business Introduction to Organizational Behavior Human Resource Management Principles of Research Methodology
Principles of Financial Accounting Logic & Critical Thinking Cost & Management Accounting Introduction to Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility Indian Economy Introduction to Strategic Management
Fundamentals of Information Technology Company Accounts Enrichment Course -III English Literature Fundamentals of Financial Management Management Information System
Elements of Management Introduction to Indian Society Oral Communication in Business Indian Business History Marketing Management Financial Services
Enrichment Course-I Enrichment Course –II Managerial Skills Enrichment Course –IV Enrichment Course –V Enrichment Course –VI
Introduction to Environmental Management


Where to do BBA

BBA teaches you business BBA after doing this you also join the business core, it is not done in one and all places i.e. in normal cities and villages.

Although there are many universities in big cities from where you can do BBA comfortably, BBA can be done from both private and government colleges.

You have both the option, you can do it from a private college or you can do it from a government college.

But there are two conditions here, if you do it from private, then you may have to pay more fees there, if you do it from a government college or university, then when will you get the fee here.

So if you want to do BBA, then you can do a BBA course in your nearest city or whatever degree college is there near you.

If you do not know which college is near you, you can find information about it by searching on Google and visiting the website of the university near you.

What to do after doing BBA

After doing BBA, you can do courses like PGDM, MBA.

After doing this, you will get a good job in the business sector, there are 2 sectors of getting a job, one private one, after doing BBA in a government-private job, you can apply for any private job.

You will easily get the starting salary in it from ₹ 10000 to ₹ 20000 months.
After doing BBA, you can get the post of Finance Manager Manager, HR Manager etc. in a private company.

After this comes to the talk of government job, in government job you can easily get a job in the banking sector after doing BBA,
The salary package in the government sector is much less than that of the private but job security and your security is more than a private job.

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How much fee will you have to pay to do BBA, what is BBA and where you can do it.

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