Life of an entrepreneur

In my journey of life, things wan’t easy for me because i was born in a very poor family of which we couldn’t go to school, i am the first born in my family, my mother left us when i was 5 years old, she left us with our grand

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Give a hand to improve some’s life in the slums

Give a hand to improve some’s life in the slums Always We deal with all the members of slum areas and our priority is to improve the living condition of the slum dwellers through provision of supporting, them with Healthy camps, love and caring, Donations, instructing Entrepreneurship skills most especially

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Slum Youth Entrepreneurs

Having a business skill is so important to someone’s life, the majority of the youth in Uganda didn’t have a chance to be trained business  skills but for now through SLS under its youth program with the project of training youth entrepreneurship skills  i know how to manage my projects

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Holding Health camps in Kampala Slums.

Poverty is one of the major cause of poor sanitation and hygiene (ill health) practices in urban slums of Uganda,  A slum is a heavily populated urban area that is characterized by substandard houses, social and economic isolation, irregular land ownership, low standards of sanitation, limited access to basic infrastructure,

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Promoting Entrepreneurship skills in Urban Slums

Single mothers has increasingly been challenged by social stigmatization and economic exclusion, poverty, unemployment, gender-based violence, and related sexual exploitation.  Slum life survival (SLS) in partnership with Work for life (WFL)  is promoting business development in urban slums of Kampala city through the Single Mothers and Widows development projects which focuses

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Life of a Youth in Slums affected by HIV/AIDs

HIV prevalence among Ugandan youth aged 12–24 is estimated at 3.4%, with much higher rates estimated among vulnerable youth living in the slums, for both HIV and sexually transmitted infections. High-risk behaviors such as engaging in commercial sex work in addition to other HIV-related risk behaviors such as multiple sexual

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