Holding Health camps in Kampala Slums.

Poverty is one of the major cause of poor sanitation and hygiene (ill health) practices in urban slums of Uganda,  A slum is a heavily populated urban area that is characterized by substandard houses, social and economic isolation, irregular land ownership, low standards of sanitation, limited access to basic infrastructure,

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Promoting Entrepreneurship skills in Urban Slums

The plight of single mothers has escalated including social stigmatization and economic exclusion, poverty, unemployment, gender-based violence, and related sexual exploitation. Innovative business and entrepreneurship activities form the basis of private sector development. Slum life survival (SLS) in partnership with Work for life (WFL)  Promotes business development in urban Slums of Kampala city

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Life of a Youth in Slums affected by HIV/AIDs

HIV prevalence among Ugandan youth aged 12–24 is estimated at 3.4%, with much higher rates estimated among vulnerable youth living in the slums, for both HIV and sexually transmitted infections. High-risk behaviors such as engaging in commercial sex work in addition to other HIV-related risk behaviors such as multiple sexual

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SLS Mobilization strategies

Slum Life Survival (SLS) has set out programmes that will improve the living conditions of the people living in the slums. We, SLS, believe that for a better Kampala, the slums have to be given priority to improve. We mobilize the Women and the Youth into groups to provide sustainable

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