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Uganda today is home to nearly 10 million adolescents aged 10-19 years – 24.3% of the country’s total population and the majority live in slums and rural areas. Today one 1 in every 4 girls aged 15 -19 years is already a mother or pregnant with her first child. The Girl Child (aged 8-25), represent 21% of the Ugandan population. 78% of Ugandans are youth, 60% of the Girl child were in the labor force, and the unemployment rate within the same group was roughly 32%. Urban poverty has a high prevalence amongst the youth in Uganda. These factors have left the Girl child vulnerable to challenges that bring risk to their development in life such as early marriages, no access to education, no or little parental guidance, peer pressure, the hostile environments and health challenges in their communities. The hostile nature of the slum areas has breed unemployed youth who have turned to alcohol and drugs, and to the Girl Child, many have been victimized of rape and sexual exploitation. The street children are exposed to high levels of poverty, family conflict, and low parental attachment, as well as alcohol and drug use, which have been well-established risk factors for interpersonal violence and further victimization, Girls and young adult women living in compromised living situations,  seem particularly exposed to victimization, not only sexually but also physically. Those that have dropped out of school lack employable skills. This leads to low productivity, which in a long term contributes to poverty. It is worth noting that the Lack of entrepreneurial skills and financial capacity has led to some young girls indulging into prostitution through the influence of peers and sex traffickers. A typical day of a young person in the slums of Kampala Uganda is characterized by idleness, substance abuse, and exploitative labor. Such daily hardships create apathy and hopelessness, making a girl child prone to risky lifestyle and behaviors and criminal activities.


Slum Life Survival’s purpose is to empower the vulnerable girl child through the provision of access to education and health information, creating an environment enabling their development and advocating for the rights of the Girl child in the slums of Kampala The goal of Slum life survival (SLS) Girl Child project is to contribute to the improved and sustained quality of life of all Girl child aged 8-25 in slums of Uganda mainly Kampala and Wakiso districts

Slum life survival strives to empower the girl child in the slums areas by improving the girl child’s access to education through the provision of scholarships We Create a healthy and enabling environment for the girl child’s development through WASH awareness and We believe every Girl Child has a right to education. Through the media and lobbying government, we advocates for a better education and improved security in the communities. We also move to the hot spots where we find the girl child we mobilize the for carrier guidance such that they can gain hope and have a focus for their bright future. We carry out Reproductive Health campaigns in schools and through Health camps to bring an end to teenage pregnancies Through our programmes, we empower the families, mothers and the Girl Child with entrepreneurial skills that will improve their livelihood and reduce the dropout cases of the Girl Child in the slum areas.