Hand washing frequently with soap is one of the most effective actions to reduce the spread of COVID-19

Hand Hygiene is one of most safety medic precautions in fighting hand germ infectious diseases and this calls a for routines review of control and educative measures sights in line with how to save lives and how we can control and prevent direct contacts with germs or with affected objects and humans for a healthy life. Thousands of people die every day around the world from infections and hands are the main pathways of germ transmission during health care, thus washing hands with soap and clean water, protecting your hands with safety gears like gloves and use of sanitisers can save lives.

“Hand Hygiene is one of the most effective actions to reduce the spread of pathogens and prevent infections, including the COVID-19 virus”. By WHO

Today the hand hygiene day comes at the time when there is a global cry for vaccines/cure to the global coronavirus pandemic of which hand hygiene has been picked as a major tool to fight this virus. In that when you wash your hands with soap and clean water you stand a chance of surviving this pandemic and this has been a call for this hand hygiene day to advocate for handwashing with soap as an easy effective and affordable way to save lives and prevent infectious diseases.

But as we celebrate this day, this year is totally a different year due to a global pandemic, where a global call for hand hygiene is at the top of every fight against this Coronavirus Pandemic but still one need to put in mind that, the old related diseases which come as results of non-safe hands still persist. If we take a look at slums life is so much challenging where meeting the basic needs to survive it’s not easy.

it is a risk to nations to overlook what is taking place in slums simply because the behaviours and standards of living is alarming, if this pandemic reach slum communities the outbreak can spark to many parts and many people can be affected due to the rapid spread as a result of behaviour levels, poor income and high population rates in slums, residents can’t afford even to feed their children on a normal day and we are in lockdown, it’s not easy for such people to buy soap or still have potential to pay water bills or afford to acquire safe clean water, therefore this is a big challenge especially to most developing countries like Uganda This calls for the need to support water and sanitation services to slums.



As we celebrate this years’ hand hygiene day, we must note that slum dwellers are so affected during this period and most water is now contaminated and also we need to think of how to have access to clean and safe water as they wash hands to save their lives in slums as we celebrate this day.

Washing hands is, therefore, the most important measure to avoid the transmission of Covid 19 and harmful germs prevent harmful infectious diseases.

The Writer Kenneth Kavulu, is a Pan-African journalist, special features TV producer and a humanitarian show presenter showcasing life in slums, He’s a local and an international WASH Ton Schouten award winner, member of CAPOOP Media and a journalist at Buganda Broadcasting services (BBS Terefayina).